Hello, hola.
I'm Vicky.

My full name is Victoria Rosenthal Madrid. I know, it's a mouthful. You can call me Vicky, though. Everybody does.

I was born and raised in Honduras with three sisters and two dogs. After high school, I moved to Boston for college then Miami for grad school. I’m still (happily) living in Miami, working as a copywriter at Alma.

I like writing in English and in Spanish. I’m low-key obsessed with sitcoms, I believe in the power of good shoes, and I’ve been known to break into song when I’m thinking.


Talk to me.

I feel like we should work together, don't you? 

If you are interested in hiring me, working together, or asking me about anything you've seen on my painstakingly made website, shoot me an email. I'll probably respond pretty quickly. I once read an article that said millennials treat emails like texts, so there's that.

Okay, talk soon.

(305) 934-2407

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a list of things i’m sure of

If you want to get to know me more.

  1. The smartest way to cut pizza is with a scissor.

  2. The little fork in the set serves no purpose in real life.

  3. Every mother has the font size set to giant on her phone.

  4. Cats are always plotting something.

  5. Daylight saving time is a lie.



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