Take a brand you like and create a campaign with a new direction for them.

Victoria Rosenthal, Copywriting
Rachel Vasquez, Art Direction
Valeria Figueroa, Art Direction

Some things don't need to be pink

Dollar Shave Club offers men something awesome: good razors delivered to your home at a great price. We wanted to offer women the same deal that is offered to men. After all, there is no actual difference between men's razors and women's razors – except that women's razors are pink.

We want to tell women the truth about shaving.



Billboards in trains and metro stations in large urban cities introducing Dollar Shave Club to Millennial and Gen Z women.


OOH Experiential

Pop-up shops in large cities “Some Things Don’t Need to Be Pink” trial boxes.
Boxes will be packaged pink but will contain regular silver and blue Dollar Shave Club razors inside, for a twist. T
These razors will serve as an opportunity for women to test DSC.

Social Media

Sponsored content on Instagram and Facebook, and ads on YouTube.
These videos show the reality of shaving for women.