In 2014, only 18% of students voted, compared with about 37% in the overall population. To get students informed and voting, we came up with four ideas to be executed in universities.

Rachel Vasquez, Art Direction and Conceptualization
Victoria Rosenthal, Copywriting and Conceptualization

1. double registration

Almost a third of students don't vote because they aren't registered. To make it easy for them, we will take advantage of university class registration processes. Once students are done registering for their classes, they would be lead to register to vote.

Registration Screen Gun Control.jpg

2. sleeves and bags

In order to inform students, we will place sleeves that read facts about gun violence on frequently bought items like textbooks and coffee cups. Additionally, we will redesign dining hall to-go bags to read facts.

Book Band Gun Control.jpg
Coffee Sleeve Gun Control.jpg
Bag Mockup Gun Control.jpg

3. Toy gun

We will place toy guns that “shoot” facts about gun violence in goodie bags, which are frequently given away at university events.

Flag Gun Control 2.jpg

4. Cardboard cutouts

In busy university areas, we will place cardboard cutouts of students in fearful poses that read facts about gun violence.

Mockup Cutout.jpg

Opening discourse

Because gun control and gun safety are such polarizing issues in the United States, we created a simple OOH ad meant to open discourse. These will be placed in conservative states.